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Peter A. Peterson, Professor. Born March 17, 1925. Tufts University, Massachusetts B.S. 1947 Biology/Chemistry University of Illinois Ph.D. 1953 Genetics, Botany and Zoology.

Employment Experience

1943-1946 United States Navy

1947-1948 Research Assistant, Carnegie Institution of Washington (Demerec), Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. (Drosophila-carcinogens)

1953-1956 Assistant Geneticist, University of California, Riverside (Genetics of Avocado, Capsicum)

1956-1959 Assistant Professor of Genetics, Iowa State University

1959-1968 Associate Professor of Agronomy, Associate Professor of Genetics, Iowa State University

1968-1992 Professor of Agronomy, Professor of Genetics, Iowa State University

1993-present Professor of Agronomy (Plant Genetics,) Professor of Genetics, Development & Cell Biology (GDCB); Iowa State University

Professional Honors and Activities

  • Fellow AAAS (1964)
  • Public Health Service Award to study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden (1968-1969)
  • DAAD Award to study in Freiburg, Germany (1976-1977)
  • Study grant to Study in Cologne, Germany (1978)
  • Distinguished Iowa Scientist, Iowa Academy of Science (1988)
  • Burlington Northern Foundation Award for Career Achievement in Research (1992)
  • ISU Alumni Citation Award for Outstanding Service to the University (1994)
  • National Council of Commercial Plant Breeders, Geneticists, and Plant Breeding Award (1994)
  • Distinguished Fellow, Iowa Academy of Sciences

Professional Societies

  • Genetics Society of America
  • American Naturalists
  • New York Academy of Sciences
  • American Genetics Association
  • American Association of Advancement of Science
  • Genetics Society of Canada
  • History of Science Society

Professional Affiliations and Research Experience

  • 1964 Visiting Lecturer, Stanford University (Perkins), California
  • 1968-69 Special NIH Research Fellow at Karolinska Institute (Bertani), Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1973 FIL, Faculty, Biochemistry Department (Tuppy), University of Vienna, Austria
  • Biochemical Section of Plant Breeding Institute (Flavell), Cambridge, England
  • 1977-1978 University of Freiburg (Saedler), Freiburg, in Br., West Germany (intermittant periods)
  • 1980-1992 Visiting Professor, Max-Planck Institute (Saedler), West Germany (intermittant periods)
  • 1992 Research Consultant, Lehrstuhl Gentechnik Hoherer Pflanzen (Gierl), Garching, Germany.
  • 1993 Research Consultant, University of Hamburg (Wienand), Germany
  • 1994 Research Leave, Technische Universitat, Munchen, Germany

Editorial Contributions


Genetics and Plant Breeding Associate Editor

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