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Transposon Biology and Maize Genetics

En/Spm has two functions. The two proteins produced TNPA and TNPD represent the suppressor (S) and mutator (M), respectively, of En/Spm activity. These two functions are expressed with the a1-m1 or a1-m pale(mr) alleles. A fully M-, S+ mutant is the desired mutant.

The ears in the figures are from the cross a1-m1/a1-m1 x wx 844 (an active En in the wx locus; a1-m1 is a suppressible allele) The colorless kernels represent a putative loss of the M function.

a1m(papu) allele. Sited in the 2nd exon 20 bp from 5 and carries a 9 base pair deletion 45 bp toward 3.

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