Scooby Doo

Made by Ben Fernlund

Scooby Doo history

Probably Scooby Doo was started by Fred Silverman. Silverman needed a show with comedy and adventure. Silverman's idea went to Hanna-Barbera. They assigned two writers. They actually started out with four teenagers in a van who solved mysteries all over the country in a van. They called their show Mysteries Five and changed it to who's scarred. Meanwhile, Fred Silverman was listening to music and the thought struck to him, we'll make it Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you, and make the dog the star of the show. They also made, with Scooby- Doo himself, other characters. First they made Shaggy, who always was in panic and hunger. After that they made blonde Freddy, and then brainy Velma, but last but not least, the rich Daphne. By 1972 the next show The New Scooby-Doo Movies came out always with a special guest star. After that ABC created the Scooby-Doo/ Dynomutt hour, which added Scooby-Dum and Scooby-Dear. The next year, they made the most highly rated cartoon show in network history Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-lympics which was renamed to Scooby's All-Stars. 1979 was the year Scooby had his first TV special, Scooby Goes To Hollywood. They have asked Don Messick (who played the voice of Scooby Doo). He said " I've loved Scooby from the start, and so has everyone else. I think it's because Scooby's not perfect, in fact you might say he's a big coward. But with everuything he does, he seems to land on his own four feet. I think the audience - kids and more mature people as well - can go with Scooby's character and his imperfections." I agree.