Why Bioinformatics after a Computer Science degree?
N. Borlaug, Olga Nikolova et.al. CIMMYT 2005
Left to right: Lindsey Ehrler, Chris Spencer, Norman Borlaug,
Heath Smith, Olga Nikolova, Alex Mayer, Lisa Grantham,
Bodo Raatz - CIMMYT August 2005

During my undergraduate studies at Truman State University our research group was invited to visit and present at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) at El Batan. CIMMYT is a unique research institution that brings together scientists from all over the world, whose goal is to improve the livelihoods in developing countries. Originating from a combined effort of the Government of Mexico and the Rockefeller Foundation during the Great Depression, it became the birth-place of the Green Revolution. For many years, CIMMYT has been a home to the Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug (The Nobel Peace Prize 1970), who is also known as the "father of the Green Revolution". It was our great honor to meet him by chance in the center's cafeteria, and enjoy a sincere and inspiring conversation. Then, at the age of 91, Norman Borlaug spoke passionately about all the work that is yet to be done by scientists, to battle hunger around the world. What goal is more rewarding than this one?

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