This is a shot of the sun room in the morning

I just love the texture of the concrete floor

Eteririor shot

Tryed to do a lake with lilly pads didn't work so well


This semester has been a fantastic learning experience. I had the wonderful opportunity to learn about The In-Between House while learning about Revit. The model I designed was not one-hundred percent accurate, but displayed the natural characteristics of the surrounding landscape as well as the beauty of the material. The model was a difficult one to reproduce if I had to choose again I would not have chosen this project. In starting the project I came across a lot of uncertainties, for example the walls in the floor plan look closer than they really are in real life. And the heights didn’t match and right slope of the roofs angels. These are just a couple of uncertainties I encountered.  I used my best judgment to determine what needed to be done.  So the first iteration of the walls and floor was that on just one level, just generic. Then I did more research and found more pictures that would allow me to be more accurate. Revit was a tricky program to use I had only used it a little before I came to this class. I learned so much, still not an expert but I learn a lot and feel more comfortable with the program then I did prior to taking this class.


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