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AMES, Iowa -- David Topel, dean of the Iowa State University College of Agriculture, has received the U.S. Department of Agriculture's annual Secretary's Honor Award.

Topel received the award Wednesday, June 9, in the Jefferson Auditorium in the USDA complex in Washington, D.C. Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman presented the award.

The award acknowledges outstanding contributions to agriculture, consumers of agricultural products and to the ability of the USDA to serve America. It was presented to Topel "for excellence throughout his career as a teacher, department head, dean, and agricultural leader, both nationally and internationally."

"I was not expecting anything like this. It is a great honor and nice surprise," said Topel.

Topel has been agriculture dean since July 1988. He recently announced plans to step down from the position later this year, but remain on the faculty of the animal science department.


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