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AMES, Iowa --The Iowa Business Network ( introduces Iowa businesspeople to local businesses and professionals who are setting trends, defining market niches or blazing new technologies and ideas.

Innovative Iowa businesses are profiled by the Small Business Development Center's (SBDC) web site, based in Ames. The SBDC is an arm of Iowa State University's College of Business.

The web site, under its "Think It Over" topic category, informs businesses on issues such as intranets, business web sites, internet uses, advertising and markets, and current technology trends. Reports gathered by SBDC consultants provide advise, case studies and resource information on how to capitalize on the growth in e-commerce and other technology driven trends.

The site features articles, research and case studies prepared by faculty at Iowa's universities and colleges. This is home-grown information backed by the combined resources of these institution's databases. The object is to provide Iowa firms with a quick reference to significant business research conducted in the state.

Visitors to the site can work on an innovative, interactive game site on production, access marketing research and learn about financing issues.

Y2K information is also available on the IBN. There are several links to sites offering a host of information on preparing to meet Y2K issues.

For more information on the Iowa Business Network web site, please contact Lars Peterson at 1-800-373-7232 or e-mail to


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