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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University's College of Family and Consumer Sciences has received $175,000 in grants from the American Association of Family and Consumer Science's (AAFCS) Millennium Project.

ISU's two grants will fund efforts to address shortages of family and consumer science secondary teachers and to recruit Hispanic graduate students to ISU's family and consumer science program.

The AAFCS Millennium Project was created to strengthen the future of the family and consumer science profession through education and student recruitment. ISU was one of nine institutions to receive AAFCS grants, and the only institution to receive two grants.

At ISU, the grants will provide scholarships for two years to 10 graduate students seeking FCS secondary teaching licensure and a Master's of Education degree.

The grant was written by Margaret Torrie, Cheryl Hausafus and Donna Cowan, all from the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies, and Mary Winter, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education and faculty member in the Department of Human Development of Family Studies.

The 10 students will have the opportunity to participate in continuing education and professional development activities, local and national professional meetings, partnerships with professionals, state of the art learning approaches, and an international student teaching experience.

The purpose of the second grant is to recruit Hispanic- American graduate students into FCS programs at Iowa State. The monies will be used to support assistantships for two students. A portion of their assignment will be working with middle and high school FCS teachers in Storm Lake, where there has been a significant in-migration of Hispanic families.

The goal of the students' presence is to serve as a positive influence on the lives of Hispanic high school students and the encourage them pursue higher education.


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