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AMES, Iowa -- A grant award is providing seed money for Iowa State University's Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship to launch the Young Iowa Entrepreneurs Youth Marketplace outreach program. The $25,000 Entrepreneurship Awareness and Education grant is from the Coleman Foundation, Chicago. The foundation awards grants for entrepreneurship awareness education in the Midwest.

The purpose of the Young Iowa Entrepreneurs Youth Marketplace program is to introduce entrepreneurship in a realistic learning situation. The Youth Marketplace program is targeted to sixth-grade students, and will involve students, teachers, entrepreneurs and business people from a community.

Goals of this program include: Generating awareness of and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship; teaching young people about the risks and rewards of self-employment through business creation and management, and; demonstrating entrepreneurial success by utilizing entrepreneurs as instructors and speakers.

The inaugural Youth Marketplace outreach program will be offered to a group of sixth-grade students in the Ames community this fall. The Center hopes to implement this program on a statewide basis. The program tries to link together students, faculty, and the business community to strengthen education and training in entrepreneurship.

Any interested parent, educator or businessperson is encouraged to contact Judi Nielsen, ISU Pappajohn Center, (515) 296-6532, for more information.


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