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AMES, Iowa -- Though one residence hall is closed, Iowa State University officials say they are prepared for the beginning of the fall semester on Aug. 24 and don't expect any significant overcrowding problems.

Maple Hall, which provided housing for more than 500 female students, is closed for renovation and repairs necessitated by age and water damage. ISU residence officials have taken steps to compensate for the loss of space.

"There will be some temporary overcrowding in our residence halls," said Randy Alexander, residence director. "We do not expect the overcrowding to be a serious or long-term issue because of the preparations we have made in light of Maple Hall being closed."

As of early August, residence officials were expecting approximately 40 male students and 120 female students to be in temporary housing. These numbers are expected to decrease as the beginning of the academic year approaches and students cancel housing contracts. All of the male students in temporary housing should be in permanent housing within about two weeks, though it may take longer to move all the female students into permanent housing, said Alexander.

To accommodate the loss of Maple Hall, four co-ed floors in other residence halls have been converted to floors for women. Also, the department did not offer any new double-as- single room contracts this year. Students who had a double- as-single room contract last year were allowed to renew them for this year.

Residence officials are converting large den rooms on many residence hall floors into four-student temporary housing rooms. The rooms will have furnishings similar to a traditional residence hall room.


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