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AMES, Iowa -- An Iowa State University proposal to increase room and board rates 7.5 percent for fiscal year 1998-99 received preliminary approval from the State Board of Regents during a March 18 meeting. Final regents action on the proposed rate hike is likely to occur next month.

The increase raises the rate for a double-occupancy room with a 20-meal per week plan to $3,922, from $3,647.

The main reason for the increase is to cover the costs of capital improvements to Iowa State residence halls. The improvements will address repairs and updating needed because of the age of some facilities, as well damage experienced by some residence halls during flooding in 1993, said Randy Alexander, ISU director of residence.

The work will involve significant improvements to some facilities, and installation of semi-private bathrooms and furnished kitchens on some residence hall floors, said Alexander.

Alexander noted that despite the increase, Iowa State's room and board rates are still below average rates for other Big 12 schools and peer land-grant institutions.

Iowa State is in the process of completing a comprehensive master plan for its residence system. The plan will focus on future capital improvements for the residence halls.


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