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AMES, Iowa -- The Farm Economy Issues web page is now available to Iowans. The web page features a list of Iowa State University faculty and staff available to respond to agricultural and other questions associated with the decline in farm commodity prices.

More than 40 faculty and staff from all eight ISU colleges, ISU Extension and other university offices are listed. The ISU personnel will answer questions and provide advice to farmers, agribusiness operators and rural residents who are dealing with economic problems tied to the current low commodity prices.

The web page also includes links to many ISU programs and services addressing Iowa's agricultural economic issues. The programs and services focus on financial planning, farm management, livestock and crop issues, business subjects, family and youth assistance, and several other topics.

Also featured on the page are several audiotapes (which can be listened to on the web), recent ISU news releases and links to publications concerning agricultural finances and related topics.

The page is available on the web at It also is accessible through the Extension homepage at under "Farm Economy Issues." The information on the web pages also is available at county extension offices.

The web page was produced by ISU's Farm Economy Team, headed by Stan Johnson, vice provost for Extension.

"We are mobilized to respond to questions and concerns about the impact of low farm prices," Johnson said. "This web page is a living document because we will regularly update the list of resources to provide timely assistance to Iowans."

The Farm Economy Issues web page also includes links to the seven ISU Outreach Centers and the 100 county Extension offices.


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