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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University is among nearly 1,200 colleges and universities participating in "College is Possible," a national education campaign being launched by Coalition of America's Colleges and Universities.

The campaign is aimed at enhancing public knowledge about financing a college education and will include efforts by local campuses to reach students and parents.

"My message to the people of Iowa, particularly those who are thinking about going on to college is don't let finances ever stop you from coming to Iowa State. We will work with you, your parents, and other to help finance your education," said ISU President Martin Jischke.

As part of its efforts to educate the public about financial aid options, Iowa State will present "student aid night" programs via the Iowa Communications Network beginning in January. ISU student financial aid staff will be on hand to provide college-bound students and their parents with the most current student aid information available. The program will originate from the ISU campus and be broadcast in 22 Iowa cities.

The national "College is Possible" campaign is in response to survey research conducted earlier this year that showed that, while parents and students value a college education, many dramatically overestimate the price, often by as much as 200 percent, and underestimate the resources that are available to them to help pay for college.

"People typically overestimate tuition at a university like Iowa State by a factor of three. They believe tuition -- not room and board -- is typically over $9,000 a year," said Jischke. "The real answer for public universities across the United State is just over $3,100, and at Iowa State it's even lower than that."

The danger is that many citizens will miss out on the opportunity for a college education because they do not have adequate information about the range of options and sources of help. The students most at risk are minority students, families with low incomes, and students whose parents did not attend college.

Seven out of ten full-time students qualify for financial aid. There is $60 billion available to students in financial aid from federal, state, local, and institutional sources to help them meet college bills.

This year, nearly 80 percent of Iowa State's undergraduate students have received some form of financial aid. Iowa State has $174 million available in financial aid.


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