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AMES, Iowa -- The Iowa State University Foundation recognized individual and corporate philanthropic achievement at the university's annual Order of the Knoll celebration on the evening of Friday, Sept. 18.

"Thanks to alumni and friends such as tonight's award recipients, Iowa State is becoming transformed into the best land-grant university in the country," said ISU President Martin Jischke. "They are helping Iowa State to become a university that not only is charting its own destiny but also the destiny of the land-grant movement for the next century."

"The transformation of Iowa State begins with people who contribute vision, time, talents, energy, and the money to make it happen," said John Dasher, chair of the ISU Foundation Board of Directors, as he presented the awards. "The individuals we honor with our highest awards exemplify the greatest dedication and leadership to help Iowa State become the best."

The 1998 Order of the Knoll honorees are:

This is the fifth year for the Order of the Knoll Awards, established in 1993 following the success of the Partnership for Prominence campaign. The awards honor individual, corporate and foundation donors for exemplary leadership in philanthropy and volunteerism.

The Order of the Knoll is the university's most prominent donor recognition club. It began in 1968 with 65 charter households and today numbers more than 3,000 individuals.

Knoll members have been the backbone of Iowa State's three successful fund-raising campaigns, including most recently "Campaign Destiny: To Become the Best." Collectively, they have provided some 60 percent of the campaign's $300-million goal. In addition to their generous financial support, Order of the Knoll members provide leadership on advisory councils, act as mentors, give campus lectures, sponsor internships and more.


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