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AMES, Iowa -- Spurred by a record-breaking year in private fundraising, Iowa State University attracted nearly $290 million in external funding during fiscal year 1997.

External funding for the past year totaled $289,069,088, including $190,854,101 in sponsored funding, and $100,083,453 in private fundraising. (There is an approximately $1.9 million overlap in the sponsored funding and private fundraising figures.)

For the first time in Iowa State University's history, more than $100 million in private funds has been raised during a fiscal year.

"Overall, this has been an absolutely sensational year at Iowa State in terms of external funding," said ISU President Martin Jischke.

The record-setting $100,083,453 in private support includes all gifts received, new pledges and deferred commitments generated in the 12-month period ending June 30, 1997. It represents an approximate 25 percent increase over the previous high of $75.5 million in fiscal year 1996. The number of donors also set a record with 48,571, up from last year's 45,258.

"Reaching this milestone is a strong indication of Iowa State's progress in its mission to become the best, as well as evidence of the confidence that our alumni and friends have in Iowa State," said Jischke. "I'd like to congratulate and thank the ISU Foundation for the excellent work it has done in generating such outstanding support for the university."

The Foundation is responsible for securing and managing private gift support on behalf of Iowa State.

"The partnership between the Foundation and the university strengthens academic programs, student financial support, faculty research, and physical facilities that help make Iowa State what it is, one of the finest institutions of higher education in the nation," said John Dasher, incoming chair of the Foundation Board of Directors.

He described many university projects that have been strengthened because of private giving this past year, including:

"Our success this past fiscal year comes from the synergy created between Iowa State's loyal alumni and friends working with the Foundation to support the university's strategic plan. Alumni and friends believe in the university's mission and have great confidence in its leadership," said Tom Mitchell, ISU Foundation president.

"The $34 million anonymous gift we received to the College of Agriculture was the 12th largest to a public university in the nation and set the pace for the year ahead. A few months ago, we realized that $100 million was within our reach, and it was a great team effort in closing the fiscal year on a high note," Mitchell added. "Reaching $100 million has set a new fund-raising level for the Foundation, one that will be a challenge to meet in the years to come."

The university also had a strong year in terms of sponsored funding, said Jischke. For the year ended June 30, 1997, Iowa State received $190,854,101, compared with $142,920,098 for the prior year. (Some funds expected in fiscal year 1996 were not received until fiscal year 1997. These funds are included in the fiscal year 1997 total.)

Federal funding accounted for $117.8 million of the total. The largest single element in the 34 percent sponsored funding increase was a $21.6 million increase in research support. Sponsored funding includes grants and contracts from federal, state and local government units, corporations and foundations.

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