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International Agreements

Iowa State University had 140 agreements with institutions in 50 nations during fiscal year 1996. Of those agreements, 65 were active; 68 were inactive; and seven were proposed. International agreements provide opportunities for student and faculty exchanges, research collaboration, joint publication of academic articles and general exchange of information.

In fiscal year 1994, ISU had 105 agreements with institutions in 44 countries. In fiscal year 1995, the university had 113 agreements in 46 nations.

An "active" agreement is one under which faculty, staff or students traveled abroad during fiscal year 1995. An "inactive" agreement signifies participants did not travel abroad; however, research and other scholarly activities may have taken place.

Agreements with Russia

ISU had the most agreements with Russian institutions, with 18 (5 active and 13 inactive). Following Russia was Australia and the Ukraine with eight ISU agreements each. England, Mexico and the Peoples Republic of China each had seven ISU agreements.

New Agreements

In fiscal year 1996, Iowa State signed new agreements with the University of York, England; the University of York Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, England;

the Patronato Nacional de la Juventud Rural Panamena (PANAJURU), Panama City, Panama; and the University of Costa Rica School of Food Technology, San Jose, Costa Rica.

ISU students abroad

In fiscal year 1996, 256 ISU students studied abroad, including 56 in Italy, 44 in Britain, and 23 in Mexico. An additional 56 ISU students gained international experience by working abroad, according to the Office of International Students and Scholars.


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