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AMES, Iowa -- A new cross enrollment pilot program will give some full-time Des Moines Area Community College students more scheduling options by permitting them to enroll in a course at Iowa State University without paying tuition for it. ISU students will have the same opportunity at DMACC.

"This cross enrollment program will give ISU and DMACC students greater flexibility in meeting their educational goals, while providing an excellent opportunity to fully participate in the student experience on the partner campus," said ISU President Martin Jischke.

"The opportunity to attend a partner campus will add another dimension to a student's overall college experience. It's the type of cooperative effort that serves everyone well," said Joseph A. Borgen, DMACC president and CEO.

A maximum of 50 students from each institution will be allowed to enroll in the cross enrollment program each semester beginning this fall. Enrollment will be offered on a first-come, first- served basis. Students will apply to participate in the program at their home institution. Credits will be transferred back to students' home institution and may be applicable toward their degrees.

Students enrolled full-time at DMACC or Iowa State are eligible if they have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours of transferable coursework at the home institution and are in good academic standing at their home institution. Under this cross enrollment program, students may enroll in one class per academic year at the partner institution.

No tuition will be paid by the student and no finances will be exchanged between the two institutions. Student participants may be required to pay a special course fee if applicable and will be responsible to make payment to the host institution.

Not all courses at ISU and DMACC will be available through the cross enrollment program. Each institution is responsible for identifying excluded courses. Additionally, the summer term is excluded from the cross enrollment program.

Students enrolled in the program may use the host institution's libraries, computer labs and other student services. DMACC students may elect to pay the ISU Student Health fee and receive services from the ISU Student Health Center at a reduced rate.

The cross enrollment agreement is the first of its kind between DMACC and a public four-year school. DMACC also has cross enrollment agreements with Drake University and Grand View College.


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