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AMES, Iowa -- The World Wide Web, copper coins and a "Rumen with a View" will be among the highlights of Iowa State University exhibits at the state fair this year.

The state fair runs Thursday, Aug. 8, through Sunday, Aug. 18. Exhibit buildings are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

More than 100,000 people are expected to visit the university's exhibit, "New Ways of Learning for the New World of Work," in the Varied Industries Building. A big attraction is expected to be demonstrations of the World Wide Web on the Internet. Fair goers will be able view Iowa State's and other Web sites.

The exhibit also will celebrate the Iowa sesquicentennial with highlights of the contributions the university has made since its inception.

Prospective students can get admissions information at the exhibit or try their hand at "College View," an interactive CD-Rom that will help them learn about Iowa State. Finally, the Iowa State exhibit will be the place to get the ever- popular, non-permanent Cyclone tattoos.

Across the aisle in the Varied Industries Building, Ames Laboratory representatives will be handing out copper coins as part of a "Promise of Powders" exhibit. The exhibit will feature a demonstration of the four-step powder metallurgy process that changes molten metals into powders, which then are pressed into shapes and strengthened through a heating process.

Fair goers will be able to participate in the process by pressing copper powder into coins and comparing the strength of these coins to ones that have been sintered (heated). There also will be displays of parts and components made from the powder metallurgy processes.

In the Agriculture Building ISU's College of Agriculture will have an exhibit called "Rumen with a View." Fair goers will learn about dairy production, see a preserved cow's stomach (rumen) and an animated video on how the four-chamber stomach works.

Also on display will be a papier-mache cow and calf created by the Iowa State Dairy Science Club and an exhibit that shows how much a dairy cow consumes daily. Children will get a chance to decorate themselves or paper with cow stamps. In addition, the history of the ISU Dairy Farm and current dairy research will be highlighted.

As in past years, ISU Extension will be all over the fair through thousands of 4-H displays, presentations and animal showings.


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