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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University will invest $9.6 million next year in the six goals of its five-year strategic plan, according to a preliminary budget submitted to the State Board of Regents today in Iowa City. The other key component in the preliminary budget is $9.1 million for increases in salaries and benefits for university employees. The preliminary budget will be reviewed again in June and a final operating budget for FY97 will be submitted to the regents at their July meeting.

The $9.6 million intended for strategic plan initiatives includes $1.7 million in new, non-salary appropriations from the state, $1.6 million in revenues from other sources and $6.3 million in internally reallocated funds.

Spending on the strategic plan
Strengthen undergraduate education $5,046,405
Strengthen graduate/professional $1,892,066
education and research
Strengthen outreach efforts $1,415,234
Sustain a stimulating and supportive $ 522,833
university community
Establish international leadership $ 358,500
in use of technology and
computation services
Strengthen initiatives that stimulate $ 319,746
economic development

Based on funding recommendations made by Gov. Terry Branstad and the legislature earlier this year, the new non-salary state appropriations will be used for: specific initiatives to improve undergraduate education ($350,000), library acquisitions ($437,501), continued support of the College of Veterinary Medicine's "Healthy Livestock for Iowa" initiative ($700,000), and support for the recently formed Iowa Pork Industry Center and the proposed Beef Cattle Industry Center ($100,000 each).

The state appropriation for salary increases, including benefits, for ISU employees is $8.9 million. The preliminary salary increase average for faculty and professional and scientific staff is estimated to be in the range of 3.5 to 3.7 percent. Merit employees (those covered under a labor contract) will receive a 2.5 percent salary increase on July 1. Merit employees who are eligible also will receive step increases and bonuses.

Promotion increments for faculty in FY97 will increase to $2,200 for professor (from $2,000), $1,875 for associate professor (from $1,700), and $1,550 for assistant professor (from $1,400).


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