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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University officials said today (July 17) they will postpone further action on a proposal to locate a McDonald's in the Hub until fall.

Vice President for Business and Finance Warren Madden said the postponement will give the campus community and others more time to review and comment on the proposal. "We are trying to be responsive to university needs and concerns," Madden said. "There are a number of people who feel they did not have ample opportunity to comment on this issue, and we are going to give them that time."

Madden said officials from the Memorial Union and McDonald's both agreed to postpone a request to the State Board of Regents tomorrow (July 18) to locate a McDonald's in the Hub.

The regents will consider the remainder of ISU's proposed vending contract with the Memorial Union. That contract also calls for installation of new vending equipment throughout campus and food carts in Design, Veterinary Medicine and the Lied Recreation Athletic Center.

A food court that includes several franchises and outlets recently opened in the newly remodeled Memorial Union. A McDonald's will be located in that food court under a separate agreement between the Union and McDonald's.

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