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AMES, Iowa -- To meet the demand for electrical engineers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa State's College of Engineering will offer its electrical engineering bachelor's degree program at Kirkwood Community College.

The program, which begins in June, is the first of its kind in Iowa. It is the result of a partnership between Iowa State, Kirkwood and businesses and industries in Cedar Rapids and Marion, including Rockwell International and IES Utilities.

Cedar Rapids' business leaders approached the two schools after a survey conducted with Kirkwood in 1992 indicated a strong interest in a locally available four-year degree in electrical engineering for working professionals.

About half of the program will be comprised of non-engineering and pre-engineering courses provided by Kirkwood faculty. Most of the remaining engineering courses will be delivered by Iowa State electrical engineering faculty over the Iowa Communications Network. These classes will be delivered during the early morning and late afternoon to accommodate the schedules of working students.

"Students will be able to complete the degree program without any significant amount of travel to the Ames campus," says Edwin Jones, Jr., professor of electrical and computer engineering and ISU's coordinator of engineering professional outreach programs.

Jones says that students who have completed the pre- engineering program could finish the Iowa State portion in four years by taking five courses per year.

About 100 Kirkwood students are enrolled in pre-engineering. Some 15 students are expected to begin the ISU electrical engineering degree program this summer. A second group of students will begin next summer.

Iowa State's College of Engineering has been providing graduate--level courses via videotape to engineers at Rockwell International and other Iowa companies for more than 25 years.

For more information about the program, contact Edwin Jones at Iowa State, (515) 294-4962, or John Haack at Kirkwood, (319) 398-5623.


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