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AMES, Iowa -- Karsten Smedal, director of admissions at Iowa State University, will retire from the university at the end of the school year in May.

"It has been a great run -- almost 35 years -- at my alma mater," Smedal said. "I've enjoyed my work tremendously, due in large part to wonderful support from five administrations and hundreds of colleagues and co-workers."

Smedal joined the admissions staff in 1962 as assistant to the director of admissions. He became assistant director in 1966, associate director in 1968, acting director in 1972 and director in 1975.

Smedal grew up in Ames and received two degrees from Iowa State, a bachelor's degree in English (1962) and a master's degree in higher education (1974).

"Karsten has provided stable leadership in our recruitment of undergraduate students for many years," said Tom Thielen, vice president for student affairs. "His efforts, and those of his staff, are the primary reason Iowa State University has been able to recruit, from year to year, the largest incoming class of any Iowa university.

"It has been a real privilege working with him," Thielen said.

David Bousquet, assistant vice president for enrollment, said he will begin the search for Smedal's successor in January, with the intent to have a new director on the job by July 1, 1997.


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