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8-15- 96

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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State's Program for Women in Science and Engineering will host its annual "Taking the Road Less Traveled" conference for 550 Iowa junior high and high school students on Oct. 15 and Oct. 24.

Women professionals in science, engineering and technical fields will bring their enthusiasm and expertise to discuss their careers and the academic preparation needed to pursue those careers.

"We want to encourage young women to explore the nontraditional careers of women in science, engineering and technology," said Linda Dutton of the Program for Women in Science and Engineering.

The students will be able to participate in hands-on, science based activities, tour ISU labs and watch chemistry demonstrations, Dutton said. There also will be special resource sessions for the day-long conference for parents and educators.

High school students must register by Sept. 23 to attend the Oct. 15 conference, and junior high students must register by Sept. 30 to attend the Oct. 24 conference.

For more information, contact Linda Dutton at (515) 294-5319.


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