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UPDATE: The Theta Chi fraternity has accepted an offer of housing in the Adelante Fraternity house for the remainder of the year.


AMES, Iowa -- Residents of an Iowa State University fraternity house that caught fire early Saturday have been given rooms in the ISU residence halls and provided with emergency supplies.

The 22 residents of the Theta Chi fraternity house and their cook can stay in the Towers Residence Halls as long as they need housing," said Tom Thielen, vice president for student affairs. "They also will receive emergency loans, if needed, and ready access to the campus bookstore to replenish books and school supplies.

"The local chapter of the Red Cross is working to provide them with clothing and other emergency supplies and the national chapter of Theta Chi will provide assistance as well. University officials will contact all of the students' class instructors to let them know about the fire," Thielen added.

Ames Fire Department officials say there were no injuries in the fire that was reported at 4:36 a.m. Saturday. Firefighters from Ames and Nevada battled the fire, which burned through the roof of the fraternity house, for several hours. It was reported to be well under control by 9:30 a.m.

In a statement released Saturday morning, David L. Westol, Theta Chi executive director, Indianapolis, Ind., said, "We are deeply saddened about the incident, but extremely thankful that no one was injured, including both the members and the fire personnel who responded. Theta Chi nationals will be working with the university, undergraduate members, parents and alumni to help the chapter recover and move on."

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