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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University officials today (Dec. 17) proposed establishing a new Center for Family Policy to the State Board of Regents in Des Moines. The proposal was referred to the Regents' Interinstitutional Committee on Educational Coordination and the Board Office for review and recommendation.

The focus of the proposed center will be on national and state policy issues that concern individuals and their families and communities. The center will target those whose quality of life is constrained by economic, social or developmental circumstances.

"The Center on Family Policy will provide a campus organization through which we can conduct valuable research and outreach activities to further address public policy issues that affect the well-being of Iowa families and the communities in which they live," said Maurice MacDonald, professor and chair of the human development and family studies department.

Research and outreach efforts will concentrate on welfare reform, foster care, Medicaid coverage, disabilities, substance abuse, retirement income security, homelessness and community development, MacDonald said. Center staff also will assist with training programs for employees of local, state and federal government agencies serving individuals and families.

The center, which will be part of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, will pursue collaborative research projects with faculty from other educational institutions, representatives from business and industry, and government officials.

MacDonald said that unlike existing centers at ISU that conduct broader, more long-term research on families, the center will build upon current research to develop applied programs for timely responses to the needs of people and families.


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