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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University and North Carolina State University have formed a consortium to fund research aimed at helping hog farmers deal with waste and odor problems.

Each university will provide $75,000 for the consortium. The $150,000 will fund research into economically viable and environmentally sound ways to address hog waste and odor problems. All projects funded by the consortium will involve scientists at both universities.

Iowa has long been the nation's leading hog producer, while North Carolina has recently emerged as the nation's number two hog producer.

Colin Scanes, executive associate dean of ISU's College of Agriculture, will direct the consortium's efforts in Iowa. Leonard Bull, assistant director of the North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, will direct efforts in North Carolina.

Scanes said formation of the consortium stems from informal discussions among faculty members from both universities during the International Livestock Odor Conference last October at ISU.

"The consortium will strengthen research in animal waste management at each university," Scanes said. "It will boost collaboration between the two institutions and help to ensure that efforts aren't duplicated."

The consortium is soliciting research proposals from faculty members at both universities. They must be submitted by April 15. Research grants will be awarded effective July 1.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Leonard Bull, North Carolina State University, may be reached at

(919) 515-2718.