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Clayton Anderson waves during a spacewalk.

Expedition accomplished

Clayton Anderson, Iowa State's first astronaut, waves to the camera during a July spacewalk at the International Space Station. Anderson's nearly five months in space featured spacewalks, station repairs, science experiments, technology tests and two hours of exercise a day. Anderson, a native of Nebraska, even engaged in some home-state ribbing with Peggy Whitson, the station's Expedition 16 commander and a native of Iowa. NASA photo.

Space Shuttle Discovery and Clatyon Anderson
land in Florida.

Clayton Anderson returns to Earth

The Space Shuttle Discovery lands at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida shortly after noon Wednesday, Nov. 7. Discovery carried Iowa State graduate and International Space Station flight engineer Clayton Anderson home after nearly 152 full days in space. He came home just in time for a celebration with his wife Susan; landing day was also the 15th anniversary of their wedding. NASA photo.

Clayton Anderson and the Expedition 16 crew
aboard the International Space Station (with an Iowa State pennant flying).

And may her colors ever fly ...

An Iowa State University pennant flies in the upper left corner of the Destiny Laboratory of the International Space Station as Peggy Whitson, station commander and an Iowa native, places the Expedition 16 patch above a laboratory hatch. Iowa State graduate and NASA flight engineer Clayton Anderson, middle back, also takes part in the ceremony. The others pictured are cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin, left back, Oleg Kotov, left front, and Yuri Malenchenko, right front. Anderson is scheduled to return to Earth on Space Shuttle Discovery in early November. NASA photo.

See NASA video of Clayton Anderson tossing a 1,400 pound, refrigerator-sized tank into space as part of a recent spacewalk. Anderson made the toss while fastened to the end of the space station's robotic arm.

Clayton Anderson's in-flight journal

Chapter 11: 'It has been a wonderful adventure for me ...'

Clayton Anderson

Clayton Anderson NASA photo.

"I am going to miss them. Expedition 15 Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and Soyuz Commander and Flight Engineer 1 Oleg Kotov departed the International Space Station (ISS) today for Earth. After a successful undocking and reentry of their Soyuz craft, they are now safely on the ground, reunited with their families and basking in the glow of a job truly well done! Having been here since last April, their time (6 months) had passed and they were ready to return. They were wonderful crewmates and we worked together extremely well, accomplishing all of the goals set forth for our increment.

"As for me, I remain on board as the sole survivor of Expedition 15!" Read more.

Space Shuttle Atlantis lifts off on June 8

Space Shuttle Atlantis carries Iowa State graduate Clayton Anderson and the crew of STS-117 into space on June 8. NASA/Ken Thornsley photo.

See Iowa State graduate Clayton Anderson in space

Miss the launch of Iowa State's first astronaut into space on June 8? NASA's Web site features photo and video highlights of the flight. (You can even see a spacewalking Clayton Anderson, who earned his master's degree in aerospace engineering at Iowa State in 1983, toss a refrigerator-sized piece of equipment from the space station.) See and read the latest.

Clayton Anderson's adventures in space

Clayton Anderson made several appearances on NASA TV during his first few days in space. Here are a few of the highlights:


Thumbs up


Double checking

Playing with food

Floating on the job

Fluids experiments

A little help from Iowa State

Why risk your life in space?