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Promise of immigration reform is mostly talk for political candidates, ISU economist says

Presidential candidates no doubt will make immigration reform a key issue during this Saturday's (Aug. 11) GOP Straw Poll at Iowa State University's Hilton Coliseum. But an Iowa State economist who studies immigration and its effect on farm labor says political talk is cheap.

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Iowa State University celebrates its anniversary, people, history, future at state fair

Iowa State University will celebrate its 150th anniversary at its Iowa State Fair exhibit from Aug. 9 through 19.

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Media advisory: ISU Extension veterinarian can discuss foot-and-mouth disease

In light of the recent outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in England, ISU Extension veterinarian Dr. Nolan Hartwig reminds livestock producers in this country to keep biosecurity standards high.

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Iowa State researchers work to track North American climate change

Iowa State University researchers are part of an international project that will run computerized climate models to see how climate change may affect North America.

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Media Advisory: Iowa State bridge engineers can discuss bridge safety

Iowa drivers shouldn't be frightened the next time they drive over one of the state's bridges, said the director of the Bridge Engineering Center at Iowa State University.

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Biorenewables and sustainability are focus of Reiman Gardens tour

Reiman Gardens is hosting a a self-guided Biowalk Tour that addresse biorenewables, sustainability and "going green."

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Research sheds light on Asian soybean rust infection

What happens at the molecular level when a plant is being infected by the Asian soybean rust fungus? Research led by ISU plant pathologists reveals important, new information. Their findings are published as the cover spotlight article in the August edition of the journal Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions.

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ISU President Geoffroy appointed to NCAA Executive Committee

Iowa State University President Gregory L. Geoffroy has been appointed to a two-year term on the NCAA's Executive Committee, the organization's highest governance body. All 16 committee members are presidents of member institutions.

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New treatment for glaucoma shows promise in laboratory

Iowa State researchers have developed a new technique that successfully treated rats for blindness caused by glaucoma. Their experimental treatment will be used on canine patients in the next year. If successful, it is expected to move to human trials.

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Plant Sciences Institute jump starts new research

Six innovative research projects at Iowa State that are tackling scientific challenges facing Iowa agriculture recently received start-up funding from the Plant Sciences Institute. The projects relate to the institute's research initiatives in biopharmaceuticals, biorenewables, crop protection, genomics and nutrition.

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ISU's Bugeja calls for moral convergence of today's high-tech media in new book

Michael Bugeja, the director of Iowa State's Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, has published a new book titled "Living Ethics across media platforms." In it, he calls for a moral convergence to complement the technological one in the new high-tech media environment.

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First class in new global master's

This week Iowa State began offering the first class in its new global master's degree in seed technology and business. The degree combines business courses similar to those in the first year of a master's of business administration program with classes relating to scientific and technical subjects in seed and genetic improvement. Classes are offered through the Internet.

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Clayton Anderson

Clayton Anderson

ISU astronaut in space

See Iowa State's first astronaut Clayton Anderson at the International Space Station. Anderson earned his master's degree in aerospace engineering at Iowa State in 1983.

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Paxton Williams

Paxton Williams on ISU campus

New Carver center

A new visitor center will be dedicated at the George Washington Carver National Monument in Diamond, Mo., Aug. 8. Former ISU student Paxton Williams, who has performed his one-man play on Carver throughout the U.S. and England, is now executive director of the Carver Birthplace Association, which is affiliated with the national monument. Carver graduated from Iowa State in 1894.

George Washington Carver National Monument.

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New urgency to repair

USA Today

The Minneapolis bridge collapse may spur spending on bridges, something many experts say is overdue. "Let's face it: It's not a popular thing to throw money at maintaining something as dull as a bridge," says Terry Wipf, director for bridges at Iowa State University's Center for Transportation Research and Education.

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New suit makes splash

The Washington Post

ISU Professor Rick Sharp helped create the new Fastskin FS-Pro swimsuit for Speedo. The high-tech suit weights less than half as much as standard swimsuits, retains little water, and has already impacted dozens of national and international swimming records.

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ISU, businesses unite to reverse trend in field

The Des Moines Register

Demand for management information systems graduates is on the rise, but enrollment in MIS programs is falling across the country. Iowa State is working with some of the state's largest employers to add classes, launch a trendier Web site and tout the benefits of the field to students.

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How much do animals really know?

Parade Magazine

Chimpanzee hunting behavior documented by ISU Associate Professor Jill Pruetz is cited as an example of animal intelligence.

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