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Ames Laboratory/IPRT director will step down

Thomas J. Barton, director of the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory and director of the Institute for Physical Research and Technology (IPRT) at Iowa State University, has announced his resignation effective Feb. 28, 2007.

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Iowa farmland value at record level

The average value of an acre of farmland in Iowa increased $290 to an all-time high of $3,204 in 2006, according to an annual survey conducted by Iowa State University.

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Iowa State experts provide tips to start and maintain fitness program in the New Year

For those who are serious about starting and maintaining a fitness program in 2007, two professors from Iowa State's Department of Health and Human Performance offer 10 tips.

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Report, recommendations from bioeconomy summit

The final report and recommendations resulting from a recent summit on maintaining Iowa's leadership in the bioeconomy has been released. More than 400 leaders from Iowa industry, government and higher education met on campus Nov. 28 for the summit on "Ensuring Iowa's Leadership in the Bioeconomy."

The final report, more on the summit

Just in time for the holidays: ISU professor's study on religious board games and toys

Nikki Bado-Fralick, an ISU assistant professor of philosophy and religious studies and women's studies, recently collaborated on a scholarly paper titled "Ritualizing Religious Reward: The Dark Side of Play," which was presented last month at the American Academy of Religion Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

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Holidays can be hazardous to pets

Add Xylitol to the list of hazards that can put pets in peril, especially during the holidays. The artificial sweetener is toxic to dogs, says Kim Langholz, ISU community practice veterinarian. She offers tips about holiday and wintertime hazards that could be potentially dangerous to pets.

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President's report: 'Where Breakthroughs Happen'

A recently released report from ISU President Gregory Geoffroy looks back at recent accomplishments and breakthroughs at Iowa State University and ahead to the future.

"Where Breakthroughs Happen" (PDF file).

Irradiation may be answer to E. coli outbreaks

Irradiation of produce could be a possible solution to outbreaks of E. coli, says Dennis Olson, professor-in-charge of Iowa State's commercial-sized irradiation facility. Although the Food and Drug Administration has approved using the technology to destroy insects in produce, it's not approved for E. coli.

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Proposal for T Galaxy

Design proposal for T Galaxy

Interior design seniors work with Ames clients

Senior interior design students recently presented design solutions for 13 Ames retail businesses and a new headquarters and museum for the Ames Historical Society.


Iowa State researchers developing machinery to harvest corn stalks and leaves

Iowa State University researchers are developing front and rear attachments that allow a conventional combine to harvest corn stover (the stalks, cobs and leaves) as well as grain. The stover could be the source of plant fiber that feeds the next generation of ethanol plants.

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NEWS TIP: ISU professors can comment on Bush administration's next step in Iraq

Charles Dobbs, professor and chair of history; and James McCormick, professor and chair of political science, can provide analysis of the Bush administration's next move regarding its policy in Iraq.

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Gift to bring top journalists to campus

A gift to the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication will bring a nationally recognized journalist to campus every fall.

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Community college, ISU set up admissions partnership

A partnership between Iowa State University and Iowa Valley Community College District will make it more convenient for the community college students to transfer to ISU.

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Robert Brown


Summit comments

California is mounting a challenge to Iowa's current dominant position in ethanol production, biorenewables expert Robert Brown said during a Nov. 28 campus summit at Iowa State. More than 400 gathered at the summit to discuss ways to ensure Iowa's leadership role in the bioeconomy.

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Rubber duckie Cy

Rubber duckie Cy

Holiday shopping on campus

Simon Estes on CD, student art, gift certificates to a favorite show, and Cyclone paraphernalia are among gift ideas.


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Olson: Irradiation could have prevent recent E. coli outbreak

Irradiation could have prevented the recent E. coli outbreak at restaurants says ISU's Dennis Olson, in an article in today's Wall Street Journal. But special interests, scare tactics and an apprehensive bureaucracy have blocked the technology despite scientific evidence that shows it's safe.

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Bio bonanza

The story of Scott Bents, an Iowa State University doctoral student in mechanical engineering, "embodies the hope of farmers, agrobusinesses, US heartland politicians and biofuels researchers and enthusiasts. They envisage a day when the biofuels industry will revitalize towns of the depressed Midwest ..."

See story in Nature.