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NEWS TIP: Iowa State experts can comment on June 6 gubernatorial primary

AMES, Iowa -- Four Democrats are squaring off in the state's gubernatorial primary on June 6, while Congressman Jim Nussle is running unopposed on the Republican side.

The Democratic candidates vying to replace outgoing Governor Tom Vilsack are Michael Blouin, a former economic development leader; Chet Culver, Iowa's secretary of state; Ed Fallon, who represents Des Moines in the Iowa House; and Sal Mohamed, a Sioux City engineer.

Iowa State offers several experts who can provide expertise on the key issues of both the primary, and November general election.

Bruce Babcock

Professor of economics

Director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

(515) 294-5764 (o), (515) 232-3681 (h), or

Babcock can talk about agricultural subsidies and the 2007 farm bill, and how they might impact Iowa's economy.

Dianne Bystrom

Director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics

(515) 294-4185, 515-451-5084 (c), or

Two of the leading Democratic candidates' running mates are women, and Bystrom has done extensive research on issues related to women and politics, political advertising, and media coverage of women candidates. She also believes the Democratic primary winner will be much better prepared for the general election in November -- if the campaign doesn't spend too much money in the primary.

Robert C. Brown

Bergles Professor in Thermal Science

Director of Iowa State's Office of Biorenewables Programs

(515) 294-4917, or

Brown is an expert on the key election issue of Ethanol, biofuels and other biorenewables. He has recently testified about the future and potential of the American biofuels industry before the U.S. Senate's Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.

Chad Hart

Ag economist with the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

(515) 294-9911 (o), (515) 292-6805 (h),

Hart is an expert on the economics of ethanol production in Iowa.

Maynard Hogberg

Professor and chair of animal science

(515) 294-2160, or

Hogberg can talk about the hog odor issue, and the role of animal agriculture in Iowa's economy.

Mark Kushner

Dean of Iowa State's College of Engineering

(515) 294-9988, or

Kushner has looked at what other regions have done to grow an economy based on technology and innovation. He believes the keys are intellectual property policies that make Iowa's universities magnets for companies looking to collaborate, incentives for collaborative research between industry and universities and hard data that helps the state make tough choices about the investments and risks required for $100,000 per year technology jobs.

Steffen Schmidt

University Professor of political science

(515) 294-3825, or

Schmidt specializes in American politics and can comment on all general political issues related to the race. The host of "Dr. Politics," a weekly political call-in show on WOI-AM, a National Public Radio affiliate, Schmidt is the lead author of the most widely adopted introductory college textbook in American government, American Government and Politics Today.

Wendy Wintersteen

Dean, College of Agriculture

515-294-2518 (o), 515-268-9995 (h), or

Wintersteen can discuss agriculture's role in economic development in Iowa. She also can address issues related to concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).


Quick look

Iowa State offers several experts who can provide expertise on the key issues of both the primary, and November general election.

They are:

Bruce Babcock
Dianne Bystrom
Robert C. Brown
Chad Hart
Maynard Hogberg
Mark Kushner
Steffen Schmidt
Wendy Wintersteen