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Two cases of whooping cough confirmed

The Iowa Department of Public Health has confirmed that two ISU students have pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough. The students are receiving antibiotic therapy. The Story County Health Department is contacting those who have had close contact with the infected students, so that they may seek preventative treatment.

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Two veterinary medicine faculty address international agroterrorism

Two Iowa State University veterinarians will speak at the first International Symposium on Agroterrorism. They'll talk about the livestock industry's vulnerability to an agroterrorist attack and what can be done to improve preparedness.

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Cyber defenders hold off hackers

Winners say Iowa State's first Cyber Defense Competition was a chance to combine theory, ingenuity and teamwork. The competition involved setting up computer networks and protecting them from a team of hackers.

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Researchers eye child care industry and economy

Iowa State researchers have, for the first time, studied and documented the impact of Iowa's $402.5 million child care industry on the state's economy

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Two more Human Sciences dean finalists to campus

Two more finalists for dean of the new College of Human Sciences will visit campus the first week in May.

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Bronze rabbits

Cuddly bunny or wascally wabbit?

Three bronze scultures recently added to Reiman Gardens symbolize our love-hate relationship with the cute creatures that are devouring our plants.

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Meningitis case reported at Iowa State

An Iowa State student has been hospitalized with bacterial meningitis and is currently in stable condition. A preventive antibiotic, Ciprofloxacin, has been given to those who've had close contact with the student,

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New wind tunnel starts blowing

Research in Iowa State's new wind tunnel could lead to improvements in a corn plant's ability to stand up to high winds, buildings that are safer in high winds and semi trucks that handle better in a crosswind.

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Commencement May 6-7

A variety of commencement activities are planned at Iowa State May 6-7. An estimated 3,223 students will receive degrees from Iowa State at the conclusion of spring semester.

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Researchers seek women for energy study

ISU scientists are recruiting females for a study to examine how lean body mass contributes to energy expenditure in women who are of normal weight and overweight.

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Broadcast companies create apprentice programs

Three Des Moines broadcast companies -- KCCI-TV 8, WHO-TV 13 and Mediacom -- will create paid internships and scholarships for students in ISU's Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication.

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Conference on tailoring plants for energy, products

The Midwest could someday replace the Mideast as the center of energy production if researchers can develop plants that more readily convert their leaves, stalks and other fibers into energy and biobased products. At a May 16 conference, experts will explore this challenge.

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Bobcat with collar

Researchers follow bobcats

Researchers from Iowa State and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources are monitoring the comings and goings of eight bobcat mothers in south central Iowa. The bobcats have been fitted with radio collars.

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1913 vet clinic

Vet Med is 125

Iowa State's College of Veterinary Medicine, the nation's first public veterinary college, is 125 years old.

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In the news

Brand practice

The Hollywood Reporter

Jay Newell, assistant professor in ISU's Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, says product placement in the movies dates back to 1896, and it's been a part of television from the beginning. "There was never a line between art and commerce," Newell says.

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Not so funny

Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel

Are kids picking up the bad habits they see on TV sitcoms and cartoons? Doug Gentile, assistant professor of psychology at Iowa State, comments.

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USA Today

Retired ISU agronomist and popcorn expert Ken Ziegler says the outer layer of the popcorn kernel (the pericarp) is the key to good popping.

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Users swamp food pyramid Web site

The Des Moines Register

Eric Hentges, director of the USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, came to Iowa State to talk about the newly designed food pyramid. The government's new site received 48 million hits in its first 24 hours. Hentges, an ISU alumnus, was instrumental in developing the new pyramid, which is designed to help improve consumer nutrition.

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Academic all-Big 12

Three tennis players on All-Big 12 team.

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