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Parking fee situation resolved at Iowa State's University Family Housing

Ames, Iowa -- Iowa State University officials are taking steps to correct an error in the cost of parking permits and rent at University Family Housing, which affects residents of Schilletter Village and University Village on the ISU campus.

Prior to July 1, UFH residents paid for their annual ($57) parking permits indirectly through their rent payments. Last fall, the Department of Residence and Department of Public Safety proposed a revised system of collecting parking fees -- one that would be more fair, since some students who didn't have vehicles were still paying for permits through their rent. The new system, which was approved by the UFH mayor and council and began July 1, required UFH residents to purchase their parking permits directly through the Department of Public Safety, which all other students do.

UFH residents' monthly rent payments were adjusted accordingly. The rent increased by approximately 5 percent at the beginning of the new fiscal year on July 1 (as approved by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa), but it was not increased to the rate it would have been had parking still been included.

The Department of Residence and Department of Public Safety informed residents of the new policy in their contracts, via a public meeting and in newsletters, but confusion still occurred.

At a public meeting last night to discuss residents' concerns, Department of Residence officials discovered that UFH residents were inadvertently being overcharged $4.75 in their monthly rent as a result of the policy change.

"We apologize to the students for the confusion that has been caused, and for the miscalculation that occurred on the university's part," said Warren Madden, vice president for business and finance. "We want to make sure adequate communication occurs during the coming school year as we work to put these changes in effect in 2004-2005."

"The Department of Residence sincerely regrets this unintentional mathematical error and the concern it caused our residents," Department of Residence director Randy Alexander said.

To make up for the error, university officials have agreed to once again include parking fees in the UFH rent for this year only. Students will pay the same rental fee approved by the Board of Regents and to which they have agreed in their contracts. The $15 increase in parking permits ($72 is the cost of a 2003-2004 ISU parking permit) will be waived for UFH residents, and they will not pay any additional fee to receive a parking permit for one car.

UFH residents who wish to obtain a permit for a second car will need to pay $79 directly to the Department of Public Safety.

The Department of Public Safety will begin next week issuing credits to any students who have already paid the 2003-2004 parking permit fee of $72. Those students will have $72 added back into their university accounts by the end of next week.

Students who have not already paid for parking permits may visit the Department of Public Safety's Parking Division office and fill out registration cards. Permits will be mailed to students by mid-August. There will be no charge for these permits.

The Department of Public Safety will complete all scheduled UFH parking maintenance projects for the current year, but will likely have to scale back projects planned for future years due to the decrease in parking revenue.


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