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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University officials are considering a proposal to significantly enhance parking for faculty, staff and students.

The proposal, which would require approval by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, would be funded with an existing $1 million fund and phased increases for parking fees. The proposal involves three projects: new and renovated student parking areas around Jack Trice Stadium; a parking deck over an existing university lot; and a multi-level parking garage.

The cost of the three projects is an estimated $12.5 million. The project would be funded by revenue generated from parking permit fees, parking fines and special events. Other university departments, including athletics, also would provide funding.

Under the proposal, all categories of permits would be subject to incremental increases each year for three years. After three years, the parking permit costs would only go through inflationary increases. The proposed increases are:

Proposed permit increases
Permit typeCurrent Annual
General staff$59 $15$45
Student$42 $15$45
Student (stadium)$42 $5$15
Reserved$295 $25$75
24-hr reserved$590 $25$75
Motorcycle$20 $5$15
Vendor$89 $15$45

If approved, the increases would go into effect for the 2002-03 academic year. Work on the lots near the stadium would begin this summer and could be completed by fall.

Over the last five years, the university has used revenue generated by parking fees, fines and special events to create a $1 million fund to improve parking. However, the parking needs on campus have grown dramatically during this time, said Doug Houghton, parking manager.

Five years ago, an estimated 45 percent of Iowa State students brought cars to campus. Enrollment has increased substantially, and now Houghton estimates that 65 percent of students bring cars to campus. The university is nearly at capacity for parking and soon may be unable to issue parking permits to every student who wants one.

The stadium plan would add an estimated 600 spaces in new and renovated lots around the stadium. This project would cost an estimated $2.5 million and would relieve the student parking crunch. The increase in student parking fees would fund this project. The stadium plan also would realign the Cy-Ride Orange route so that it stops at each new lot. (Dirt from campus construction projects is being moved to the proposed stadium site.)

Plans for the parking deck and multi-level garage, including potential locations, still are being discussed. The deck would add an estimated 160 spaces, while the multi-level facility would add 450 to 500. They would likely be built on opposite ends of the campus, said Houghton. The projects would cost approximately $9.5 million and be funded by increased parking faculty and staff parking fees, as well as pay-by-hour parking within the facilities.

The three-pronged proposal has been discussed with university officials and student leaders, and will be presented to such campus organizations as the Government of the Student Body and the Faculty Senate. It could be presented to the board of regents this spring.

"There is support for this proposal," said Houghton. "Faculty, staff and students understand the situation we are facing."

Houghton adds that university parking fees still are among the lowest in the Big 12. For example, closer to home, a student parking permit at the University of Iowa costs $117 a year.


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