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ISU car updates, tracking

ISU car info packet

Team PrISUm web site

American Solar Challenge (daily results, tracking of cars, etc.)

ISU solar car team finishes 16th in ASC
ISU solar car team completes ASC race in California
In Barstow, ISU solar car team prepared for final day of ASC
ISU solar car team blazes through southwest U.S.
ISU solar car team outruns the clouds in day 8 of ASC
Sun shines on Team PrISUm on day 7 of ASC
Smooth sailing for Team PrISUm in day 6 of ASC
Suspension problems hold back ISU in day 5 of ASC
ISU gets on track in day 4 of race
Solar car race spirit lifts Team PrISUm in third day of racing
Team reaches St. Louis in second day of racing (July 16, 2001)
Team completes first day of solar car race (July 15, 2001)

Solar team requalifies for race (July 12)
Students prepare for solar car race (July 3)
Fact Sheet on the American Solar Challenge (July 3)
Students on the solar car team (July 3)
Solar car specifications (July 3)

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