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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University's solar car team made it to Barstow, Calif., early today, covering the needed 65 miles with relative ease. The team now will rest a little and recharge for the final leg of the 2,300-mile ASC, the 110 miles from Barstow to Claremont, Calif.

"Compared to the 600 miles we covered Sunday and Monday, today was a snap," said Nick Mohr, director of Team PrISUm. "We're happy to be here in Barstow and we're eager to finish the race in Claremont tomorrow. The car is working perfectly and the team is enthusiastic."

The team averaged about 40 mph for today's short jaunt from Ludlow to Barstow. This is a little less than what the team was averaging for the past few days as they drove across the desert Southwest, Mohr said. With the car operating well, all the team really has to do for the rest of the day is charge the car's batteries and relax.

"We are going to charge up, take some showers and rest a bit," Mohr said.

The Iowa State team began the day in 18th place in the ASC. All teams must meet in Barstow, Calif., on Tuesday for Wednesday's staged final leg of the race from Barstow to Claremont, Calif. (suburban Los Angeles).

For official team standings go to www.formulasun.org/asc. To view where teams are on the race route, go to www.formulasun.org/asc/tracking/index.html. Team PrISUm also is charting its own progress and posting it on its web site, www.prisum.iastate.edu/asc/#map.

The American Solar Challenge, a 2,300-mile race is being held July 15-25. It is the longest solar car race ever attempted. The race course will follow along portions of old Route 66.

The American Solar Challenge is designed to advance renewable energy and electric vehicle technologies, promote educational and engineering excellence, encourage environmental consciousness and teach teamwork. This is the sixth major solar car race Iowa State students have participated in since 1990.


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