Gene Deisinger, Department of Public Safety, (515) 294-4428
Steve Sullivan, News Service, (515) 294-3720


AMES, Iowa - Iowa State University's Department of Public Safety has announced a reward of up $2,500 for information leading to the return of the piece of the Christian Petersen statue "Ring of Life" taken last week.

The Petersen statue, which was a gift to the university from students in the class of 1941, depicts several children playing around a fountain. On Thursday, Sept. 14, the head of one of the children was removed and stolen. The statue is in the lobby of MacKay Hall.

"Because of the statue's significant historical value and meaning to the Iowa State University community, it is important that the missing item be returned intact," said Gene Deisinger, DPS captain.

Anyone having information concerning the whereabouts of the missing item may contact DPS, (515) 294-4428, or University Museums, (515) 294-3342.


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