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AMES, Iowa – Iowa State University's Plant Sciences Institute has awarded excellence fellowships to six graduate students in the basic and applied plant sciences.

The fellowship provides each student with a one-year $20,000 stipend plus tuition, and a supplement for three additional years.

"These are exceptional students who bring considerable talent to ISU's research programs in the plant sciences," said Colin Scanes, interim director of the Plant Sciences Institute.

The students, who started their graduate programs this fall, are listed below with the name of their previous school and their area of study at ISU.
  • Heidi Kratch, University of Wisconsin, Madison; horticulture
  • Xu Li, Peking University, China; biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology
  • Joseph Robins, Utah State University, Logan; genetics
  • Shannon Schlueter, Texas A&M University, College Station; bioinformatics computational biology
  • Chang-Hui Yan, Peking University, China; bioinformatics computational biology
  • Fei Yu, Chinese Academy of Science; interdepartmental plant physiology

About 350 graduate students and 170 faculty are pursuing research focused on basic and applied plant sciences at Iowa State, Scanes said.

The Plant Sciences Institute at Iowa State University, which consists of eight research centers, is supported through public and private funding. Its goal is to become one of the world's leading institutes for plant science research, education and unbiased research-based information. Researchers are developing ways to help feed the growing world population, strengthen human health and nutrition, improve crop quality and yield, foster environmental sustainability and expand the uses of plants for biobased products and bioenergy.


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