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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University's technology literacy program, "Toying with Technology," is hitting the road and will be at the Iowa School for the Deaf (ISD), Council Bluffs, Monday and Tuesday (Nov. 20 and 21).

Larry Genalo, coordinator of the Toying with Technology program and an Iowa State professor of materials science and engineering, will demonstrate the program to ISD students and staff. He will be aided by eight ISU students.

"Our goal is to show ISD students that science and technology are exciting," Genalo said. "We want to show them that they can pursue careers in these fields."

Genalo and the ISU students, most of whom are majoring in education, will work with middle and high school children on Monday afternoon and elementary school children on Tuesday morning. Genalo also will do an interactive engineering demonstration for middle and high school children as well as ISD staff on Monday afternoon.

The Toying with Technology program is a highly visual exercise geared for future K-12 teachers. The program will be modified for students. In it, instructors use toys, such as Legos to simulate technological devices. "There will be some very colorful Lego robots, built by student participants, buzzing around during the program," Genalo said.

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