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Iowa State University president Richard Seagrave today issued the following to clarify policies that govern the relationship between 4-H and the Boy Scouts of America.

"In recent days there has been considerable public discussion of the extent to which 4-H and the Boy Scouts can work together after 4-H leadership attempted to provide guidance regarding ISU's non-discrimination policy. These well-meaning efforts were intended to avoid problems.

I want to emphasize that nothing has happened recently to cause us to change our relationship with the Boy Scouts. There has been no action taken by either group to interrupt any cooperative relationship in our state. While our two organizations have different policies on the issue of inclusiveness, we think that it would be a rare case when this difference would be an issue, and if there is, we certainly will do our part to assure that Iowa's youth are well served.

These two outstanding youth organizations can indeed work together. And I hope they do."


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