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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University's solar car team will travel across Iowa May 9-16 in an effort to raise awareness of energy issues and alternative energy sources during Sunrun 2000.

The team's travels will include a visit with Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack on May 9, as well as stops at many Iowa towns and cities. They will also hold a mock race and practice for future solar car races.

"Sunrun is our effort to get people to think about alternative energy sources for everyday uses, like in cars," said Team PrISUm director Nick Mohr, a student from Bettendorf. "This year's Sunrun coincides with Solar Energy Awareness Week, so we will visit Governor Vilsack on the first day of Sunrun, and then we'll spread the word throughout Iowa about the importance of alternative energy sources and general energy awareness."

Sunrun includes stops in Des Moines, Marshalltown, Waterloo, Bettendorf, Ottumwa, Council Bluffs and Sioux City. (An itinerary and a list of the students, with hometowns, taking part in Sunrun 2000 are below).

Team PrISUm members are currently designing Iowa State's sixth solar car. Construction of the car, called PrISUm Odyssey, will begin next fall and the team plans to complete it by March 2001. They will race the car in the American Solar Challenge 2001, a race from Chicago to Los Angeles in July 2001.

The solar car team will bring PrISUm Phoenix on Sunrun 2000. PrISUm Phoenix finished fifth in Sunrayce 99, the highest finish of any Iowa State solar car.

"Some of what we'll do during Sunrun will be getting our team members acclimated to being on the road," Mohr said. "This is an entirely new team from the one that raced in Sunrayce 99, so we will not only have a new car in the next year, but we will have a new team to do the racing as well."

Students taking part in Sunrun 2000 and their hometowns

Dwight Brown Ankeny, Iowa
Jason Hill Ankeny, Iowa
Katherine Strachan Ankeny, Iowa
Nick Mohr Bettendorf, Iowa
Mike Dorman Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Scott Goric Dubuque, Iowa
Haley McBride Fort Dodge, Iowa
John Burns Marshalltown, Iowa
Jake Strait Perry, Iowa
Emily Boyd Shell Rock, Iowa
Matthew Nelson Shenandoah, Iowa
Brenda Murphy Waterloo, Iowa
Tim Lapp Wesely, Iowa
Brenton Rothchild West Des Moines, Iowa
Erin Isvik West Union, Iowa
Ben Nimmergut Palatine, Ill.
Brennan Downes Wheaton, Ill.
Jason Peterson Bloomington, Minn.
Cassie Reichter Bloomington, Minn.
Brian Wicks Owatonna, Minn.

Sunrun 2000 itinerary

May 9
  • Des Moines
    9:30 a.m., presentation to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Wallace Building, 502 E. Ninth St.,
    11 a.m., presentation to Iowa Gov. Vilsack, Capitol Building, Des Moines
  • Marshalltown
    2:30 p.m., presentation to Anson Elementary School, 1016 S. Third St., Marshalltown

May 10

  • Waterloo
    9 a.m., presentation to Columbus High School, Washington Park, West Third St. and South St.,
    9:30 a.m., presentation to Iowa Laser Technology, Washington Park, Waterloo
    10 a.m., presentation to Sacred Heart Middle School, Washington Park, Waterloo
    12 p.m., presentation to Advanced Heat Treat Corp., 2825 Midport Blvd., Waterloo
  • Waverly/West Union
    2:30 p.m., Group A presentation to Waverly-Shell Rock High School, 1405 Fourth Ave., Waverly
    2:30 p.m., Group B presentation to North Fayette Middle School, 105 E. Main, West Union

May 11

  • Cedar Rapids
    8:30 a.m., presentation to Washington High School, 2205 Forest Dr., Cedar Rapids
    11 a.m., presentation to Rockwell-Collins Intl., 400 Collins Rd., Cedar Rapids
  • Bettendorf
    5 p.m., presentation at Duck Creek Plaza, 852 Middle Rd., Bettendorf

May 12

  • Muscatine
    8:30 a.m., presentation at Muscatine High School (includes members from Wilton H.S., Louisa-Muscatine H.S. and Bandag Inc.), 2705 Cedar St., Muscatine
  • Ottumwa
    3:30 p.m., presentation at Colormaster, 800 Gateway Dr., Ottumwa
    6:30 p.m., presentation at Fascination Station, Pioneer Ridge Nature Center, Ottumwa

May 13

  • 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., mock race from Ottumwa to Council Bluffs
    Council Bluffs
    5:30 p.m., presentation at Mall of the Bluffs, 1751 Madison Ave., Council Bluffs

May 14

  • 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., mock race from Hancock to Ames

May 15

  • Fort Dodge
    9:20 a.m., presentation to Fort Dodge Senior High School, 819 N. 25th St., Fort Dodge
  • Sioux City
    7 p.m., presentation to the Sioux City PTA, Hunt Elementary School, 615 20th St., Sioux City

May 16

  • Sioux City
    8:45 a.m., presentation to Hunt Elementary School, 615 20th St., Sioux City
    11 a.m., presentation to Joy Elementary School, 3409 Indiana Ave., Sioux City
  • Denison
    2:45 p.m., presentation to Denison High School, 819 N. 16th St., Denison

- 30 -

Reporters are welcome to come to any of the events, to talk with the Iowa State solar car students and to see PrISUm Phoenix. Arrival times at specific places are approximate.

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