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AMES, Iowa – Following is a brief summary of this year’s challenges at Iowa State University:

It’s Not Impastable! — This challenge includes building a structure made entirely of pasta and glue, which supports weight. The weight must be applied in an off-center manner, and the team is scored on the efficiency of the structure (i.e., amount of weight supported compared to weight of structure itself). An artistic performance for the presentation of the solution is required.

Fruit Roller Coaster – This event challenges teams to design a roller coaster for tennis balls that moves the balls through the course as quickly as possible. There are several required "thrill" events (loops, jumps) and a team-designed thrill event. Teams must present in an artistic performance.

Mixing Apples and Oranges – This challenge requires team members to tell an original story about an unusual adoption between two different species. The story should include examples of parenting challenges and the presentation of a baby book or visual record of the young one’s important milestones.

If Music Be the Food of Life, Play On! – This team’s challenge is to create a musical performance that tells a story or creates a mood – completely without the use of written
or spoken language. The team’s non-verbal performance will include an original musical instrument that will be evaluated on its technical merits.

Eggsploration – This obstacle course challenge pits eggs against gravity, as teams create a course that includes scaling a wall, crossing a gap, and being passed through a moving device, as well as two additional, team-designed obstacles. Five eggs must move through the course unharmed, and the presentation must include an artistic performance.

Instant Pudding Improv – Each team will be given a list of 12 famous people and 12 places and times in history to research, as well as a list of 10 props to bring to the tournament. When they arrive, the team will be given 30 minutes to prepare a performance-based story that will involve only one of the people, places and time.

Destination ImaginNation is a program of OM Association, Inc. This is the 18th worldwide creativity tournament sponsored by the group. For more information, visit www.dini.org.

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