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AMES, Iowa -- Gary Wells, Iowa State University Distinguished Professor of psychology, will present his research on eyewitness identification to legislative and executive branch staffers in Washington, D.C. on July 21.

Wells will present as part of the Capitol Hill Science Seminar Series, a program of the Federation of Behavioral, Psychological, and Cognitive Sciences. The Federation, which represents 18 scientific societies, invites speakers to make presentations that promote understanding of the behavioral and social sciences among public policy makers.

Wells will do a one-hour presentation in the Madison Building of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Wells researches the reliability of eyewitness identification, and is an internationally recognized expert on the subject. His experiments have shown that the reliability of eyewitness identifications of criminal suspects from lineups is influenced by the methods used to construct and conduct the lineups.

Wells' research, which is supported by the National Science Foundation, played a prominent role in the development of the first set of national police guidelines on eyewitness evidence that was published last year by the U.S. Department of Justice. In March of this year, Wells was given the Distinguished Contributions to Psychology and Law Award from the American Psychology-Law Society in New Orleans.

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