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AMES, Iowa – Two features of the Iowa State University campus will be named in honor of President Martin Jischke and his wife, Patty Jischke.

Jischke, president of Iowa State University since 1991, will become president of Purdue University, West Layfayette, Ind., on Aug. 14. At a university farewell party for the Jischkes on Wednesday, ISU Foundation chairperson Arend Sanbulte announced the naming of the Martin C. Jischke Honors Building and the Patty Jischke Children’s Garden at Reiman Gardens. The namings are pending approval by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

The university plans a new $2 million honors building, which will be funded with private support and university funds. The proposed site for the 6,800-square-foot building is on central campus on the north side of Curtiss Hall.

During Jischke’s tenure, the number of students graduating from the ISU Honors program has more than doubled, and participation in the Freshmen Honors Program is three times the number in 1992.

The University Honors Program began in 1961 to facilitate creative and individualized learning among talented and motivated students through advanced courses, seminars and research or special projects with faculty mentors. Approximately 1,300 students, including 400 freshmen, are involved in eight university honors programs each year.

The Jischkes have played a key role in the development of Reiman Gardens. Patty Jischke co-founded the Reiman Gardens volunteer organization known as the CoHorts. It began when she helped relocate the horticulture gardens from the north side of the campus to the present location at Reiman Gardens. Today, the CoHorts conduct tours, recruit speakers and make financial contributions to support the gardens.

The children's garden was dedicated just one year ago. It is designed to heighten children's interest in plants.


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