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AMES, Iowa – The Des Moines Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC), a partnership between Iowa State University, the city of Des Moines and the Des Moines Enterprise Community, has been named a U.S. Housing and Urban Development Best Practices 2000 "Local" Winner.

In 1998, Iowa State received a $400,000 HUD grant for COPC, a Des Moines neighborhood revitalization program. COPC focuses on community empowerment and planning, affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization. The program has provided Des Moines Enterprise Community residents workshops on leadership, money management, home maintenance and repairs, hazard abatement and landscape enhancement. The program also helps area leaders develop an action plan to bring retail outlets to the community's five neighborhoods.

The $1.37 million program involves five low-income Des Moines neighborhoods and also has received funding from the city of Des Moines and the university. It is coordinated by the Iowa State University College of Design's department of community and regional planning, with involvement from ISU Extension.

A HUD Best Practice is defined as a program or project that generates a positive impact; is replicable; demonstrates the effective use of partnerships; displays creativity in addressing a problem; and shows effective use of resources.

Several Iowa programs were honored by the HUD's Iowa office and are now eligible for a regional Best Practice Award.


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