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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University ranks in the top 10 public universities that enrolled National Merit Scholars and National Achievement Scholar in 1999.

In 1999, Iowa State enrolled 116 National Merit Scholars, which is a 4 percent increase from 1998.

This places Iowa State 7th among public universities enrolling new National Merit Scholars in 1999, and 18th among all universities. Last year, Iowa State ranked 6th among publics and 14th among all universities.

In 1999, Iowa State enrolled 9 National Achievement Scholars. This places Iowa State 10th among public universities enrolling new National Achievement Scholars and 24th among all universities, up from 59th last year. Iowa State is tied for 24th with Brown University, Wake Forest University and the University of Virginia.

The National Achievement Scholarship program recognizes outstanding academic achievement among African American high school students.

"We are very pleased with our National Merit and Achievement Scholar enrollment this year, particularly given the increased competition for these top students," said Marc Harding, director of admissions. "To be ranked in the top 20 for enrolling new Merit Scholars in 1999, a university needed to enroll a minimum of 109 Merit Scholars. This compares to just 81 a year ago."

Harding noted that Iowa State is the only school in Iowa that enrolled any new National Achievement Scholars for 1999. He also noted that Iowa State enrolled more National Merit Scholars than all of Iowa's other colleges and universities combined.

Iowa State currently has a total of 493 National Merit Scholars and 24 National Achievement Scholars enrolled.

The Iowa State Foundation has a $10 million fund-raising goal for National Merit and National Achievement Scholarships. Individual and corporate donors have committed more than $7 million toward the goal. The effort is part of a $425 million capital campaign called Campaign Destiny, the largest in the university's history.


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