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The man who makes people think without the box

Iowa State professor, Howard Van Auken, has influenced hundreds of ISU students through his entrepreneurship expertise. He has been teaching entrepreneurship in Iowa State's College of Business since 1995 and is the previous owner of a small business in Ames. As an author of more than 50 academic papers on the topic, Van Auken is considered Iowa State's "Father of Entrepreneurship."

A simple message: A pioneer in media and video violence studies, Anderson admits there are complexities in this kind of research. "But there is a simple message that parents, educators and public policy makers need to hear," he says. "Playing violent video games can cause increases in aggression and violence."

Cartoon mayhem: Even cartoon violence in children's games appears to spark aggression. That's a conclusion Anderson and his ISU colleagues, professor Doug Gentile and doctoral student Katherine Buckley, draw in their recent book Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents.

Advice to parents: Check the content of every game in your child's life, Anderson says. "Many 'teen' games are very violent and even games labeled appropriate for 'everyone' can contain potentially harmful content."

Spreading the word : A renowned expert in media and video violence, Craig has discussed his research with a U.S. Senate committee, on NBC's "Today Show," and in Entertainment Weekly and numerous other media.

Craig Anderson

"The media has seemingly convinced many people in the U.S. that they like only violent media products. But nonviolent and low-violent products can be exciting, fun and sell well."

Craig Anderson

Anderson is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. More Two-Minute briefs.