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ISU group to visit Uganda

An Iowa State University group is traveling to East Africa this week to learn more about how an Iowa State University center has improved the lives of rural Ugandans.

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Iowa State is among Washington Monthly's top-ranked universities

For the second consecutive year, Iowa State University is ranked among the top U.S. universities by Washington Monthly magazine. Iowa State ranks 38th out of 245 national public and private universities. The ranking is based on three criteria: community service, research and commitment to educating lower-income students. Washington Monthly ranks Iowa State ahead of Northwestern, Princeton, Washington University, Michigan State, Purdue and many other notable private and public universities.

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Iowa State awards economic development grants to 11 research projects

Iowa State has awarded $975,773 of state economic development dollars to 11 research projects that have potential to create or improve businesses, jobs, sales, products and technologies. The projects include development of a process to separate the two major proteins in soybeans, commercialization of gasifiers that convert biomass into a mixture of flammable gases, manufacture of hog feeders using plastics made from corn and soybean oil and treatment of fuel ethanol so it can be used by the beverage industry.

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Geoffroys commit additional $100,000 to faculty fellowship

Iowa State University President Gregory L. Geoffroy and his wife, Kathy, have made an additional $100,000 commitment to the Gregory L. and Kathleen C. Geoffroy Faculty Fellowship Fund. The Geoffroys have contributed a total of $250,000 to the fund that provides annual support for teaching and research at Iowa State. They established the fund in 2001.

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White Coat Ceremony marks special moment for first-year veterinary students

The 120 Class of 2010 veterinary medicine students will mark the start of their veterinary education in the distinctive White Coat Ceremony, Friday, Aug. 18 at C.Y. Stephens Auditorium. The presentation of the white coat marks the student's induction into the professional curriculum of veterinary medicine.

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Geoffroy congratulations Graham Spanier, who received an honorary detree

President Geoffroy (left) congratulates Graham Spanier, who received an honorary degree.

Message for graduates

"Many of you will graduate and go into the workplace believing that all decisions are business decisions. But they are not. Most decisions are also people decisions," Pennsylvania State University President Graham Spanier told ISU graduates Aug. 5.

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Iowa State researchers and two Iowa school districts to test hybrid school buses

Iowa State University's Center for Transportation Research and Education is helping to bring two of the country's first 19 hybrid school buses to Iowa. School districts in Nevada and Sigourney are expected to begin running the buses late this year.

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ISU journalism director analyzes today's brave, new relationships

Michael Bugeja, director of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University and author of the book "Interpersonal Divide: The Search for Community in a Technological Age" (Oxford University Press, 2005), has identified five reasons for today's "interpersonal divide" between greater connectivity, but fewer meaningful relationships.

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Beattie named to endowed chair

Gwyn Beattie has been named to an endowed chair, the Robert Earle Buchanan Distinguished Professorship of Bacteriology for Research and Nomenclature, in the College of Agriculture. Beattie is an associate professor of plant pathology, specializing in genetics, physiology and the ecology of plant bacteria.

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ISU researcher studies gene families to explore diversity and evolution

A recent paper in the journal Evolution by ISU theoretical biologist Stephen Proulx has generated interest in the biological community. The article was featured as a "Hidden Jewel" on the Faculty of 1000 Web site, a journal review site that posts expert opinions on current research papers. Proulx's research showed how the process of adaptation can play a role in generating organismal complexity.

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ISU at the fair

The Iowa State Fair is just around the corner. And Iowa State University will be there for the whole ride.

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Alexandra Volker

Interns' projects beyond science

ISU senior Alexandra Volker is working on project to maintain genetic diversity of plants. Volker, who is one-eighth Cherokee, says a bonus of the research is it may help bring back purple corn, maize that was sacred to the Cherokee.

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In the news

Video games numb players to violence

CBS News, WebMD

Exposure to violent video games can numb players to real-life violence, ISU researchers Nicholas Carnagey and Craig Anderson have found.

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Gasoline's fledgling rivals: The race to power your car

The Christian Science Monitor

Ethanol is leading the alternative-fuel contenders challenging gasoline at the pump, says ISU's Paul Gallagher, associate professor of agricultural economics.

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Volleyball youth clinic

The Cyclone volleyball team will hold free clinics Aug. 12 and Sept. 23 for youth in eighth grade or younger. The clinics run from 11 a.m to noon in the Forker Building. Free pizza and t-shirts for attendance on the first date, while participants in the second clinic receive a t-shirt and a ticket to that night's match vs. Oklahoma. Please RSVP to or call 294-5302 for more information.

Cyclone Fanfest

The first Cyclone Fanfest -- a free, interactive festival for Cyclone fans and their children -- takes place August 20 from 1-3 p.m. at the Bergstrom Indoor Practice Facility (located west of the Jacobson Athletics Building).

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