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Jack Gladstone
Jack Gladstone

American Indian Symposium March 30-April 2

Singer and storyteller Jack Gladstone, Blackfeet Nation, will do several performances during the American Indian Symposium, March 30-April 2. The symposium includes music, stories, lectures, exhibits, a family program and a powwow.

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Fennelly is Region 5 Coach of the Year

Women's basketball coach Bill Fennelly has been named Region 5 Coach of the Year by Russell Athletic and the Women's Basketball Coaches Association.

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Science Coalition highlights ISU research

A tornado simulator, an alternative to the computer mouse, and a device to clean up meat products are among ISU research accomplishments highlighted on The Science Coalition web site this week. The coalition, based in Washington, D.C., is a group of universities, businesses and organizations dedicated to sustaining federal commitment to university research.

Science Coalition | ISU research highlights

Veishea will be back in 2006

Iowa State's traditional spring Veishea celebration will resume in 2006, with changes, President Gregory Geoffroy announced March 23. Geoffroy said he seriously considered eliminating the event, but concluded that students should be given another opportunity to make Veishea a success.

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Political scientists to discuss foreign policy

Four political science experts will examine the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other foreign policy issues during a March 31 panel discussion.

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Sociologist's book on career criminals

In his book, "Career Criminals in Society", ISU sociologist Matt DeLisi advocates devoting more resources to prevention programs for children and adolescents and fewer on career criminals.

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Professor to study impact of community colleges

Studies sponsored by the Iowa Department of Education will assess the economic impact of Iowa community colleges for parents, students and taxpayers.

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Student earns national research award

An ISU student's award-winning study shows financial grants are key to low-income students earning bachelor degrees.

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Speaker will discuss women's world leadership

Laura Liswood, an authority on women's world leadership, will speak on campus March 29.

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Business conference is April 1

Experts on global entrepreneurship and supply chain management will be part of the April 1 Voorhees Business Conference.

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More than one-third of online footnotes disappear, researchers find

Faculty in ISU's Greenlee School of Journalism found that more than 33 percent of links to Web citations in professional journals have disintegrated within four years. The new study, by Greenlee School director Michael Bugeja and assistant professor Daniela Dimitrova, is featured in the current issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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Professor Anne Marie VanDerZanden (left) and show host Liz Gilman

'Gardening in the Zone'

"Gardening in the Zone, two-minute TV segments featuring ISU horticulture specialists, can be seen throughout Iowa, western Illinois, eastern Nebraska and southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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Faculty can comment on biotech corn sale

ISU faculty can provide perspective for the media on recent news that Syngenta inadvertently sold unapproved biotech corn to farmers from 2001 through 2004.

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Americans & GM foods

Associated Press

Lisa Lorenzen, biotech industry liaison at Iowa State, says most Americans haven't worried about GM foods because they trust the regulatory system. Lorezen and Patrick Schnable, director of ISU's Center for Plant Genomics are part of a story on GM foods on grocery shelves.

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Building a better lineup

TIME magazine

ISU psychology professor Gary Wells, who has been advocating sequential police lineups for almost 30 years, says that method will become dominant in the next few years. Viewing suspect photos one at a time, rather than side by side, can significantly minimize the chance of mistakes and misidentification, Wells' research shows.

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ESPN picks O'Neil

Anne O'Neil has been selected for ESPN's 3-point contest March 31.

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