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Iowa State revises policies to improve football game day experience, increase fan safety

AMES, Iowa - Iowa State University officials and student leaders are taking steps to continually improve the Cyclone football game day experience and provide greater access to hard-surface public parking adjacent to Jack Trice Stadium.

Students and the general public will be able to park in Lot S4, a paved lot immediately south of Jack Trice Stadium. Other public parking is available in gravel and grass lots east and southeast of the stadium. Like other Big 12 universities, Iowa State doesn't offer student-only parking during home football games.

Parking rates for cars, pickups and SUVs in public lots range from $8 to $10. Buses, RVs and other oversized vehicles are charged $20 to $30, but aren't allowed in lots S4 or G1.

Last year, parking needed for National Cyclone Club members moved general public parking from S4 (an area where students had gathered) to other public lots. University concern over dangerous and underage drinking behaviors in general public lots also contributed to the move.

Student leaders and administrators have been meeting over the past year to develop policy changes they hope will better meet ISU students' needs and improve the tailgating atmosphere for all fans.

"We also have added student representatives to our National Cyclone Club board, which will improve communication with the student body as we address these kinds of issues," said Bill Smith, associate athletics director for sports administration and a member of the Football Game Day Experience Committee.

Government of the Student Body President Sophia Magill says students are trying to put the focus back on celebrating the football game.

"Students once again have access to hard-surface parking right outside the stadium on game days, which was our primary objective," Magill said. "Most of the 7,000 students who attend Cyclone football games tailgate responsibly and add to the exciting atmosphere inside and outside the stadium. Students are an important audience at any Cyclone game. We want to be where the festivities are and contribute positively to that environment."

Other policy changes include:

  • Increased presence of GSB leaders, Student Affairs staff and Iowa State University Police to monitor and address problematic behavior.
  • More signage to help fans understand parking and tailgating guidelines.
  • An expectation that tailgaters will attend the game. Fans will be encouraged to enter the stadium no later than the playing of the National Anthem.
  • More portable restrooms and trash receptacles available outside the stadium.
  • Additional exclusions to the keg policy. Kegs, beer bongs, funnels and other items that promote high risk drinking will be prohibited in all National Cyclone Club and general public parking lots.
  • As always, glass containers are not allowed outside Jack Trice Stadium, and no outside containers of any kind may be brought into the stadium.

"These policy changes and enhancements reflect the concerns and wishes of the vast majority of fans who seek a safe, enjoyable game day experience," said Jerry Stewart, director of Iowa State's Department of Public Safety.

Dean of Students Pete Englin added, "I've always greatly enjoyed the pre-game activities, though I've often worried about the safety and well-being of our students and guests. These recommendations were reached by consensus and will help provide for a responsible, celebratory atmosphere that keeps the ultimate focus on the game, our real reason for gathering."

Iowa State University President Gregory Geoffroy appeals to all fans to tailgate responsibly and support the team in a fun, festive, positive environment.

"Tailgating is a proud tradition enjoyed by generations of Iowa State fans, especially our students," Geoffroy said. "Protecting and improving that tradition is important to us. Cheer on our Cyclones, have a great time and wear your cardinal and gold with pride, but celebrate safely, with good sportsmanship and civility. Treat visiting teams and rival fans with respect. This is our home, and they are our guests."


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Lot S4 will be available for students and the general public during Iowa State home football games. ISU also has revised other policies to help ensure safe, enjoyable tailgating for all fans.


"Cheer on our Cyclones, have a great time and wear your cardinal and gold with pride, but celebrate safely, with good sportsmanship and civility."

President Gregory Geoffroy