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Media advisory: ISU hosts economic development open house July 14

Iowa State will host an open house for economic development professionals and company representatives to explore how they can partner with the university to strengthen Iowa's economy. Presentations and tours related to advanced manufacturing, life sciences and information solutions will be from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 14.

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Iowa State's College of Business names new faculty fellows

The College of Business has created five new faculty fellowships -- four in the marketing department and one in the logistics, operations and management information systems department. The fellowships help the college maintain competitive faculty salaries and provide professional development resources.

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ISU athletics director appointment extended

Athletics Director Bruce Van De Velde's employment agreement has been extended. After his contract expires in June 2005, he'll become an "exempt Professional and Scientific" employee, which is consistent with that of other senior administrators who report to President Gregory Geoffroy.

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ISU political pundits offer insight on presidential race

Iowa State University offers several political experts who study the candidates, political advertising, voter polling and turnout, campaign finance, the impact of technology on elections, and other relevant topics.

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Tollefson named to entomology chair

Jon Tollefson, a professor in the department of entomology, began a five-year appointment as department chairperson on July 1.

Tollefson has been on the ISU faculty since 1975. He succeeds Joel Coats, who completed a five-year appointment as department chair June 30. Coats remains on the faculty.

Charles Glatz Glatz

Glatz named interim Engineering dean at Iowa State

Charles Glatz, professor and chair of chemical engineering, has been appointed interim dean of Iowa State's College of Engineering through Dec. 31.

He succeeds James Melsa, who retired June 30. Mark Kushner, Founder Professor of Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, will become permanent dean of ISU's College of Engineering on Jan. 1, 2005.

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Ruth MacDonald MacDonald

New chair named for Food Sciences and Human Nutrition Department

A University of Missouri department chair has been named chair of Iowa State's Department of Food Sciences and Human Nutrition. Ruth MacDonald's appointment begins Aug. 1. MacDonald's research focuses on identifying factors in foods that reduce or slow certain types of cancer.

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Iowa State experts can comment on mad cow disease

A veterinarian and a livestock market economist are among the Iowa State University experts who can provide perspective on the latest developments in mad cow disease. On June 25, USDA reported that a cattle carcass had tested as "inconclusive" for mad cow disease. A follow-up test at a USDA laboratory in Ames found no sign of the disease, USDA said June 30. Test results on a second carcass, singled out on June 29 as possibly being infected, will not be available for several days.

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New Plant Sciences Institute research targets Iowa ag issues

Iowa State University's Plant Sciences Institute will redirect more than $3 million to fast track research that will enhance the value of Iowa crops and target specific challenges facing Iowa agriculture. Over the next three years, researchers will work on five initiatives-- plant genomes, plant biofactories, nutrition, biorenewables and crop protection.

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Business faculty using human computer
interaction equipment

Business faculty are shown instructing a student in human computer interaction. This photo was featured in BizEd magazine and received a first place award in the science and research category for photographer Bob Elbert in University Photographers' Association of America competition.

ISU in the news

Preparing to leave

Fox News channel

Indications are that President George Bush has begun working up to the moment when the United States moves toward leaving Baghdad.

A government in exit mode engages in "the so-called Vietnamization process." Major decisions about security are left to local officials or the incoming leadership, with offers to help when needed.

"That was the classic part of the exit strategy that the Nixon administration tried" in Vietnam. "We're seeing some of that, but the problem is the Iraqi security forces are not sufficiently developed for that turnover to take place."

-- James McCormick, political science chairman

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A hard bargain

Baltimore Sun

Anti-Wal-Mart sentiment hasn't seemed to stop the company's exponential growth. The company some people love to hate serves 138 million customers per week and boasted sales of $256 billion last year.

"It's hip to say you hate Wal-Mart, but I don't really think there is as much hate as you think. As big as they are and moving as fast as they are, they are going to be a viable company for a long time."

-- Ken Stone, ISU Extension economist and emeritus professor, ag economics

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Lawmakers attack violent video games


The gory content of some video games is under renewed attack from legislators and activists. They want some titles kept out of kids' hands, though courts have repeatedly granted games First Amendment protections.

Opponents cite new research that they say suggests strong links between violent games and aggressive behavior. They are disturbed by games' cultural ubiquity and the always-improving technology that makes virtual gore more realistic than ever.

"On average, there is a significant tendency for the studies to yield an increase in aggression by those who have played the violent games."

-- Craig Anderson, ISU professor and psychology chair; leading researcher on the effects of media violence

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